Hello Everyone!  Next Wednesday, august 18th is our Youth Paintball event.  I have some information for you as we prepare for this event.

    1. The event will be held at the International Paintball course located at 4245 Norman Rd., Burtchville, MI from 5-8 PM  (this has changed from our normal event hours).

    2. This event was advertised as $15/student, however we must increase this to $20/student.  

    3. If the parent/guardian is not present to drop off/pick up the minor, they must have a signed copy of the release/consent form with a stapled copy of their Driver's License attached to the form.  This form, as well as the rules of play are available below

    4. This event will occur rain or shine.  The only thing that will prevent our event is active lightning.

    5. Lastly, I have to give an accurate count to International Paintball ahead of the event, so I must know if your student is attending by Sunday, August 15th.  An email or message will suffice.  Forms can be turned in at the event itself.


Paintball Waiver - Click Here